Memorable Moments


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Keep track on your child’s milestones with these WITHWHITE memorable moments™.

30 different cards to help you capture and perpetuate the extraordinary moments. Write the date to the card and take a photo of your child with the card. A memorable moment is now captured. The cards come in a drawstring canvas bag. The bag works perfectly as a memory storage, both to keep the cards but also to place photos, drawings and other memories.

The cards are designed, hand-drawn, and printed in Denmark using FSC- and Nordic Ecolabel-certified paper.

Good to know

  • Hand-drawn text and illustrations
  • Size: 205 x 148 mm
  • Paper: 300 g offset paper (4x thicker than normal paper)
  • FSC- and Nordic Ecolabel certified paper
  • Packed in canvas bag with string closure

The cards includes moments like

Today I walked for the first time
Today I crawled for the first time
Today I rolled over for the first time
Today I ate solid food for the first time
Today I said MUM!
Today I said DAD!
My first word was _______!
This is my first playdate
This is my first christmas
This is my first birthday
Today I am 1 week old
Today I am 2 weeks old
Today I am 1 month old
Today I am 7 months old


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