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My Book is a baby journal where you can capture all the first memorable moments.

My Book accompanies you and your baby during the first years of life. You can write about all the important milestones, events and moments your baby experiences.

All pages are handwritten and printed in grey tones, this makes the book very personal and leaves the child’s development and stories in focus. The book is made as a 4 ring binder (A4) so you easily can place notes, cards, photos, drawings etc. chronologically.

The book follows the child from the mother’s pregnancy to the child’s 6 years birthday/first day of school.

My Book contains 80 pages in high quality paper (200g) ready to be filled out with you baby’s memorable moments.

Good to know:

  • 80 handwritten pages in thick, 200g quality paper
  • Designed and made in Denmark
  • Ring binder: makes it possible to personalize
  • Elegant and minimalistic design
  • From pregnancy to 1st day of school
  • Certified with the Nordic Ecolabel

Childhood memories and stories are some of the most precious things we have. My Book makes it easy to capture your child’s first memories and stories.

A Baby Memory Book Designed For Busy Parents

We know parents are busy – very busy. Traditionally a problem with any baby journal is that it can be hard to find time to fill in all the details and little stories. That’s why My Book is designed as a ring binder so you can easily remove and add pages as you like. The baby book will never end up being only half done. additionally, this baby memory book is full of prompts that will guide you through what to write so you’re sure to remember all the most important milestones.

Ring Binder: Personalise Your Baby Journal

My Book is designed as a ring binder (4 rings / A4-format), so you can easily personalise your book with extra pages – or take those out that you didn’t have time to fill out. Insert birth certificate, drawings, clippings, letters etc. With time your baby journal will be a treasury of memories and stories. The ring binder makes it convenient to store all your most important memories for years to come.

Focus on your memories and stories

Unlike other baby memory books, your own handwriting is not overshadowed by the illustrations and text in My Book. Quite the opposite: the simple design and handdrawn aesthetic helps accentuate your pictures, kids drawings, clippings and scribbles. As you fill out the book it will become more and more personal.

From pregnancy to first day at school

Through 84-pages My Book follows your child’s memories all the way from pregnancy to first day at school.

“We believe material quality and design means everything. It’s the difference between a product you use only once and one you keep coming back to – again and again. That’s why our baby memory book is made from thick, FSC certified paper.”

Quality – from the inside out

The laminated cover has an exclusive matte finish which is soft to touch. The treatment makes the cover water and dirt repellent. The pages are printed on thick 200g matte paper that is perfect to write on. Because it’s almost 2,5 times as thick as normal paper, pens won’t show through. The baby book is produced in Denmark and certified with the Nordic Ecolabel.

Baby Memory Book – A gift for life

Childhood memories are some the most precious things we got and one of the most beautiful gifts you can pass on to your child. A baby journal is a fantastic way to document your child’s first years.

10 reviews for My Book (english)

  1. Cathrine

    The book makes it easy and fun to jot down all the milestones in our daughters life. The quality is great and I love the simple handwritten design of the pages. The book is highly recommendable.

  2. Maria

    It’s a really nice baby journal. There’s lots of pages and things to fill out that you may not have thought of beforehand. It’s also unisex, as well which is a bonus for anyone looking for a present for someone who doesn’t know the gender.

  3. Alice E.

    I’ve been looking low and high for a beautiful baby book before I found this one. It’s clean and simple with adorable typography and illustrations.

  4. Olivia

    This book is exactly what I was looking for. The art is gender neutral and just perfect for a non traditional baby book!

  5. Emily

    I love this book! It is so simple and sweet in its look! You feel a bit like it was made specially for you only since the detailing is so unique with the handmade drawings 🙂
    I will give it my best recommendations!

  6. Alex

    This book is adorable! It has everything inside that you would want to capture for your baby’s memories. Shipping was fast too.

  7. Karen

    Such a cute book!

  8. Carrie S.

    Love this baby book! It makes it easy to record everything about our first baby :-). We have a boy but this book is unisex, so works great for girls too.

  9. Linda

    Lovely baby book. Lots of great questions and room to write. It also has blank pages that can be used for adding your own notes and memories (and you can always add more pages as you like due the ring binder design).

  10. Louise

    I bought the English version of these books for my sons and I love them. They are gorgeous, minimalistic, unisex books with cute little illustrations. I love how they are on a ring binder so you can add in extra pages (or remove them if you want). The one disappointing thing is none of the cool new extra pages are made for the English book. The free downloads also don’t seem to be in English. I was very impressed with the packaging of these books and was even given a few free things which was lovely!

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