Print Your Baby Journal Photos with LALALAB

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Print your photos with LALALAB

How many photos do you have in your camera roll? If you’re like me your phone gets filled up with photos of everyday life, wonderful vacations and lovely family memories. Slowly our phones gets filled photo by photo with amazing memories of our lives. But mostly those memories just stays on the phone, never making it into real life. At the moment I got more than 5.000 photos in my camera roll. How do we print those photos and preserve them for years to come?

Print Your Photos Directly From Your Smartphone

Luckily there’s a bunch of amazing apps that makes it easy to print your photos directly from your smartphone. One of these are LALALAB, an amazing app that lets you choose which photos you want to print and then print and ship them to you in a matter of days. Their app is available on both iOS and Android.

Save 20% on your prints with LALALAB

To make it even more of a no-brainer to print your photos we made a collaboration with LALAB giving away a 20% coupon code for their service with every Baby Journal we sell. The code is included with every purchase.

What Photo Formats Can I Use in the Baby Journal?

The baby journal encourages you to include photos several places in the book and even though we designed the baby journal to work with multiple formats it is specifically optimised for the “vintage”-format (10 x 10 cm) from LALALAB. We recommend this format for predefined photo areas in the book but any other format will work fine as well.