Our History

I started WITHWHITE with a question: why is it so hard to find elegant and functional accessories for kids?

Almost two years ago, while I was still studying at the Aarhus School of Architecture, I drew some simple, childlike illustrations for a project. Little did I know that those illustrations should be the beginning of something bigger than a school project.

One day while I was chatting with a friend about how hard it was to find elegant accesories for children I showed my illustrations – and slowly the idea for WITHWHITE was born.

The Very Beginning

The next few months were hard work. I started making bodystockings and t-shirts with my illustrations while juggling a full-time education at the same time.

I had to do everything myself. I ordered organic bodies one place and the textile prints another place. Because of my limited budget I even had to print the bodies myself at a local supplier who kindly let me use their facilities at night. So there I was night after night producing my bodystockings.

The first few months I only sold to friends and on small fairs but I quickly started selling online from my own webshop as well.

I still remember that fantastic feeling when the first online order arrived at the webshop. It was almost magical that someone had found WITHWHITE online and decided they wanted something I made. Even though I’ve sold many products since then the feeling is still the same every time I receive an order.

The First Big Milestone

In the beginning I only produced bodystockings. Sales were fine but it wasn’t until I started producing our handdrawn “memorable moments” cards that sales really took off. Memorable Moments are still one of our most popular products with more than 10000 sales and they’re now available in four different languages.


During the first half year I ran WITHWHITE while I was still in school. I worked late hours and every weekend to do product development and keep up with orders. In the summer of 2016 when I got my master degree in architecture I had a choice:

Should I get a job in an architectural office like all my friends and accept that WITHWHITE would never be more than a hobby? Or should I take a leap of faith and continue working on WITHWHITE full-time?

I decided to pursue my dream

Running WITHWHITE full-time is both incredibly hard but also amazingly rewarding. I learn new things every day – and even though it can be hard from time to time I’ve never been in doubt: running WITHWHITE full-time was the right decision.

And even though a lot have happened since I shipped my first bodystocking the vision is still the same today as it was back then: to create elegant products for kids with the focus on the little ones and their stories – and not on the products themselves.

It’s Personal

When you shop at WITHWHITE you’re actually shopping with me, Julie. I develop and design the products myself, I receive and answer your mails and I’m shipping your orders myself.

The biggest motivation then and now is seeing all those amazing pictures of your fantastic kids using our products.

And though we’re constantly growing I fight hard to keep the personal touch. No matter how big WITHWHITE grows I’ll always be close to the product development and our customers.

Without all of you there would be no WITHWHITE.

– Julie