Why “My Book” is the most personal baby book

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I design all our products with one goal in mind: to create elegant and personal products where the little ones and their stories are the focus. “My Baby Book“ is no difference. In this post I will go through some of the small details that makes “My Book” the most personal baby book on the market.

My Book: A4 ring binder

Filling out the pages in the baby book
Filling out the pages in the baby book

It has to be easy to personalise your baby’s first book. What do you do if don’t fill out all the pages? Or you want to add extra pages like birth certificate, drawings or photos? Most baby books are made as normal books with a fixed amount of pages with no way to add/remove content.

“My Book” is inspired by the baby book my mom carefully created during my own childhood. It was nothing more than a good old notebook with clippings, drawings, scans, quotes and pictures. I believe every person is unique with her own memories and stories to tell. I don’t think anyone should dictate how you decide to tell the story of your little one. That’s why “My Book” gives you the freedom to tell it in your way.

Contrary to other popular baby books in ring binder, “My Book” is designed in A4-format which is the most common paper size. This ensures that most of your clippings and drawings will fit right in without any customisation. The cover is laminated with a matte finish which makes the book water and dirt repellent. Furthermore the book has a subtle linen texture that gives the book an exclusive look without compromising the quality.

Hand drawn and illustrated

I’ve personally hand drawn every page in “My Book” to make it as personal as possible. Your own handwriting is not overshadowed by the handwritten pages and illustrations. Quite the opposite: the simple design helps accentuate your pictures, kids drawings, clippings and scribbles. As you fill out the baby book it will become more and more personal.

A baby book is a gift for life

Baby Soya peeking inside her baby book.
Baby Soya peeking inside her baby book.

Childhood memories are some the most precious things we have and one of the most beautiful gifts you can pass on to your child. A baby book is a fantastic way to document your child’s first years, so you don’t forget them with time.

The baby book my mother created for me 25 years ago continues to bring me great joy. It evokes my childhood memories and I still love looking through it with my mom.

xx Julie