My Book: Environmental Friendly From the Inside Out

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At WITHWHITE we care a great deal for our environment. We believe it’s not only our responsible to make quality products. They also have to be environmental friendly. That’s why our baby journal is made of recycled materials certified by both FSC and the Nordic Eco Label.

Made in Denmark

“My Book” is 100% made in Denmark. This way we can support local businesses and at the same time ensure good working conditions during production. It also means that we can minimize transportation (with diesel and fuel driven vehicles) compared to products produced in other countries.

FSC and the Nordic Eco Label

The cardboard and paper used in our baby journal is certified by the FSC and the Nordic Eco Label. This means that the materials are from responsible forestry. It doesn’t contain chemicals that can harm your health or the climate.

Core of 100 % recycled materials

The core in our ring binder is from 100 % recycled cardboard. To protect the thick core it has been laminated with a matte finish with a linen texture. This finish ensures that the cover is both dirt and water repellent.

A Baby Journal – a gift for life

“My Book” is a gift for life. Unlike most product it’s made to last for many years. This is not just another “throw-away” product. When a product is long lasting we limit the overall environmental impact from production to waste.

We believe that design and material quality means everything. It’s the difference between a product you use only once and one you keep coming back to again and again. That is why we use only the best materials for our products.

In other words: we are proud of “My Book”. And we’re sure you can fell the attention to detail and all the hard work that went into making this baby journal. Right from the first sketch to final product.