Capturing Memories – Baby V’s First Baby Book

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This post is a guest post by Isabel. It first appeared on Salon Mama in German. It has been translated to English for this blog.

I’m a mom and I love taking pictures. To hold on to the little moments and gather the memories. Our kids grow up so fast so capturing memories gives me a way to preserve them for future.

Whether I’m using my mobile phone or a modern DSLR camera, it’s easier than ever to take beautiful photos. Unfortunately the photos usually remain on the phone. At least that’s the case with me. I recently noticed that I had hundreds of photos of my son on my phone but I did not have a single printed photo of him. Not a single one! Of course I know that you’re usually a lot more careless with second borns but having a 10-months old son without a photo at home scared me a bit.

After realising this I knew I had to make the most beautiful baby journal for my baby in the world. I asked my daughter if she could help me as I thought it was great to make the book together for her brother.

My Book – V’s first baby book

To create the baby journal I used the baby book from WITHWHITE which has plenty of room for photos, the most important memories and milestones. All the pages are lovingly handwritten and packed with beautiful illustrations.

Do you know what the hardest part of the project was? Selecting the photos! Of course I couldn’t print all the photos on my phone, so I needed to select the best ones. And it was really hard. I sat for hours in front of the phone and thought about which photos to print.

Print your photos at home

Should I print the one where he laughs, or maybe the one where he looks funny? Especially with the baby pictures I became totally weak. He was such a cute baby…and his feet!!! Oh my mom heart melted as I was going through all the photos. Until recently, I didn’t even have a picture of him at home and now, suddenly, I can’t stop printing them! It’s so easy using a print-on-demand service or a Wi-Fi Printer at home. I use a HP Envy Photo Printer at home that let’s you print your photos over Wi-Fi directly from my smartphone. It’s really practical and simple, and the quality is great. You just need the right photo paper and you’re ready to go.

My daughter and I sat in front of each photo and talked about all of them. Of course, she was most interested in the photos where she was in too. But because time is totally relative for young children her memories are not so pronounced yet. Photos are so important to children at that age. They remember specific situations, experiences and people through them. For example my daughter do not remember the time BEFORE her brother, when she was still alone with mom and dad.

“Where was Baby V?”
“He was still in Mama’s stomach.”

For me photos in my hands are something special. A photo on the phone is deleted quickly but I would never throw printed one in the trash. A photo immediately put me back in the situation of that time. A special smell, a laugh, what we talked about or what I thought of the situation. Like most people, I’m immediately reliving the feelings of that moment.

Of course I also felt a bit sad as we filled out the book with photos and writing. The time around the pregnancy, birth and first three months are something very special. You feel like you’re sheltered in a protective bubble from the outside world. You just enjoy this very special time with your loved ones. It was probably my last pregnancy to. The last tiny baby feet…

Even though the photos made me feel melancholy it also made me incredibly proud. Proud to be a mum of two happy and healthy children. To have such a family. And I’m looking forward our future together. To share all the special moments to come, to laugh together, to cry and to collect those memories. Because that’s what makes a family.

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